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I meant sculpture that sculpture that imprints of wooden furniture from within the home also reflect territory and landscape referencing. The furniture is symbolic of of the furniture represents the home and displaced all broken his referencing sort of conflict within the home when is pulled out and put in to reflect the same conflicts outside of politics and disputes over land, apartheid apartheid systems colonialism land grab displaced people are seen as landscapes from above that my phone is off, represent conflicts in geopolitics from above of domestic settings. These conflicts not only is it between two people partners in a relationship trying to get power over the other conflict through family. It’s interesting. How now your adult children it’s very difficult to leave home because of financial insecurity and cost of living crisis in Britain, miss distribution of wealth I think I tried to reflect that in someway Doors off closing doors means containing yourself taking the door off is a way of creating diplomacy and dialogue within the home. It means that if you close those doors, it closes the dialogue shut up in what I’m on my shutting the door shut doors and stood behind him, knowing that I was safe from my abusive partner. However, I was Fear that if I didn’t open the door that the punishment would be worse. All I could give them is love as insecure on benefits. I just try to hold everything together and hope for the best.

Damage of colonialism legacy of colonialism as seen through my kids gaze 

Meet you economic differences in the sense that the 99% and the 1% in such a huge divide between the two rich and poor haves and the have nots. Also a kind of reference to colonialism in the sense that you know my parent I believe that possibly my grand fathers family got their wealth it was from Exploitation to text rotation of colonialism so quickly when you can’t exploit anymore and then those people unable to sustain themselves in my family now or not. Also the interesting fact is that the left is also my grandchildren my children I’ll send it from Slade so that kind of those differences, I suppose I’m talking about.

I’m like in chameleon, able to adapt to different social situations thresholds, boundaries, call, symbolic of diplomacy and communication within the household

Workers to nuance needs context, little bit ambiguous, and if you are going to be more obvious what the furniture is because it’s for knobs 

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